OpenStack® Software to Build+Control  Cloud for Enterprise & Government

Open source software for creating private and public clouds

OpenStack® Cloud Software

OpenStack® gives you a modular cloud infrastructure that runs off of standard hardware—letting you deploy the tools you need, when you need them, all from one place.

OpenStack Project

The OpenStack project is a global collaboration of developers and cloud computing technologists producing the open standard cloud computing platform for both public and private clouds.


OpenStack® Delivers Future-Ready Cloud Computing

Backed by some of the biggest companies in software development and hosting, with a thriving community of thousands

OpenStack Overview

OpenStack® Advantages

Enable Rapid Innovation

OpenStack’s orchestration and self-service capabilities offers developers and IT faster, better resource allocation. Rapid, on-demand provisioning accelerates development and test phases, expanding the potential for innovative new approaches and solutions.


Boost Scalability & Utilization

OpenStack® private clouds deliver a significant degree of scalability. Address needs precisely, allowing your demand to dictate utilization directly, on-the-fly. Resources suddenly become much more resourceful, in real-time.

Address Regulatory Compliance

OpenStack® enables the construction of private, on-premise clouds, resulting in enforceable governance and regulatory compliance through flexible policy. Compliance becomes a proactive and living component versus legacy staticity. 


Negates Vendor Lock-In

OpenStack® supports a variety of proprietary technologies, operable on a plethora of hypervisor and bare metal environments. Its ability to work with commodity hardware gives you more flexibility in choosing solutions based on a wider range of costs and competencies.


Our OpenStack® Certified Cloud Administrators

While each and every of our OpenStack® Architects & Engineers are Certified OpenStack® Administrators, there is a tangible line of demarcation between CONSULTED and other OpenStack® service and solutions providers. 

We are OpenStack® Community Members, Beta-Testers, Developers, Market-Leaders and Innovators, since the very beginning of the platform's existence. We began our business on OpenStack®, and we worked diligently to help make OpenStack® what it is today. Our OpenStack® experience and expertise is your advantage for competitive cloud computing.

Cognizant Cloud Innovation

Our capacity for innovative leadership in the cloud computing space has no parallel. As a direct extension of your business, competitive cloud architecture and infrastructure become reality: Secure, Succinct & Sustainable. We Are Dedicated OpenStack® Operatives!

Production-Tested, Enterprise Ready Stable Releases

Always rely on the latest production-tested and enterprise-ready stable releases of OpenStack®. Advancements in Security, Monitoring and Network are now your advantage by leveraging our persistence as purveyors of OpenStack®.

OpenStack Community Leaders

We pride ourselves in our dedication and contribution to the OpenStack Organization & Community. As community leaders, your organization is directly extended the benefit of our hands-on, first-hand involvement in the OpenStack Community and Platform.


Certified OpenStack® Cloud Builds

Advantage Your Business with our Leading Architects & Capacity of Innovation