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Salesforce: The Customer Success Platform to Grow Your Business

Build more meaningful and lasting relationships and connect with your customers across sales, customer service, marketing, communities, apps, analytics, and development.

3 Pillars of Salesforce

Salesforce Delivers the 3 Pillars of a Champion Customer Success Platform

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Data Connectivity

Consumer data is literally everywhere. Integration of existing external consumer sources is the obvious step. More importantly, a simultaneous effort needs to be made to ensure that new consumer sources are immediately connected to your ecosystem.

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Centralized Connectivity

Data centralization and use of artificial intelligence-powered analytics will empower your organization with real-time data comprehension, engagement and collaboration to supercharge your innovation. .

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Activation Engine

Utilization of single source data enables predictive innovation that are hyper-relevant and personal! The ability to reach consumers on every channel, from email, to social, to mobile, to display, is what ultimately turns your data into a competitive advantage. 


We are Salesforce Specialists

Our Certified Salesforce Specialists average 20 years of individual, dedicated Salesforce experience and expertise

We have developed, built, integrated, serviced, trained and supported Salesforce installations for global enterprise at the highest levels. Our experience and expertise deliver customized solutions and extends across Financial, Healthcare, Legal, Technology, Telecommunications and Government Agencies.

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Salesforce Lightning Mobile

Our Certified Salesforce Specialists

We are Super Salesforce Specialists! Leverage our experience and expertise for your business today. 

Dewey Hall

"I have managed Salesforce installations at Global Law, Technology and Consulting Firms for over 20 years. I am very passionate at addressing business problems for organizations through the entire Salesforce platform - from Development to Sales!" 

John Wooten


Dewey Hall

"I am a Certified Salesforce Administrator, and love Training my clients in Salesforce just as much as I do administering. I genuinely love helping businesses with Salesforce!"

Jennifer Johnson


Dewey Hall

"I am a Certified Salesforce CRM Database Administrator. My Salesforce work includes management experience at places like Deutsche Bank and the Federal Reserve in New York City"

Igor Royzengurt


Dewey Hall

"In addition to being a Certified Salesforce Specialist, I have real-world experience with nearly 15 years of management expertise with Saleforce at Global Enterprise-level firms"

Amanda Burk


Our Salesforce Clients

We are Global Salesforce Experts to Global Enterprise Leaders

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