The Future of Financials

We are at the forefront of the global financial transformation: Open, Automated, Integrated, Cloud-First, Mobile, Compliant & Secure


Advanced and advancing technologies are being deployed as disruptor to legacy financial institutions and transactions.


Implementing and adopting Workflow Automation strategies and technologies are driving efficiencies heretofore unseen.

Future-Ready Financial Technology

CONSULTED delivers the Future of Financials. We bring disruptive and transformative innovation to financial services through the application of new and emerging technologies, addressing business needs through automation, mobility, compliance and security

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Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, Cloud technologies and a devops culture are driving development and innovation.

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Transactional data has never been more efficient. Seamless integrations and mobility are not only the norm, but the expectation.

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Workflow automation is more than increased efficiency; security and regulatory compliance are better met through automated processes.

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Ease of adoption and use are greatly enhanced. Frictionless engagement with financial data empowers the entire organization.

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Data analysis, reporting and engagement feedback across all stakeholders occur in real-time.

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One-click regulation and compliance testing facilitate regulatory checks and financial auditing.


Futuristic #FinTech Solutions


Modernized Banking

A New World of Work requires a new way to conduct transactional business financial data in order to remove the barriers of legacy financial institutions.

Crowdsource & Funding 

People & Platforms that bring innovation to life for businesses and communities.

Blockchain / Hashgraph

Distributed ledger technology underpins the future of financials.


Digital currency is driving innovation in transactional financial data.


Frictionless Financials

We are Empowering Information. Seamless integrations drive data democratization delivering real-time actionable insights.


Meant for Mobile

Our FinTech strategies and solutions are inherently mobile. Seamless move with, and engage your transactional data. 

Advanced Analytics

Measurable insights lead to actionable results for all organizational stakeholders.



Automated, independent and real-time monitoring and reactions.

Governance & Compliance

Governance, Risk Management & Compliance are at the very core of modern financials.


Enhanced and advanced security implementations leveraging artificial intelligence and automation.



Our FinTech Clients & Partners

We leverage Best-in-Technology Solutions for Financials

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