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Uncertainty is the new reality. New technologies accelerate change across all markets. Business is faced with increasing difficulty in the prediction, analysis and deciphering of impending trends and advancements as today's international business environment becomes ever complex. This expanding insecurity creates a need and requirement to prepare against exposure and action business decisions to exploit resulting opportunities. Strategies and solutions within a concentrated, holistic view that simultaneously enhance the strategic decision-making capabilities and actionability of organizations are therefore business and mission-critical. Organizations have a pressing need to prepare against dispersed risk and peril and to fleece future opportunities within this uncertainty, a need for secure and compliant agility. 

Our innovative solutions provide future-oriented strategies to effect present-oriented decisions: Secure, Succinct and Sustainable.

We Work Washington DC

GLOBALLY POSITIONED With global headquarters in Washington, DC, we are strategically positioned for domestic and global business changes. Our proximity to the U.S. Capital, Dulles Technology corridor, transportation hubs, world-class international universities, law firms and think-tanks helps us provide sophisticated systems and solutions to customers anywhere in the world.

GLOBALLY RESPONSIVE We pitch battle lines for our clients where policy is actually made. Our positioning and presence in Washington is both extensive and legendary. Our team of the best and the brightest has worked an average of over 25 years per lobbyist on K Street, Penn Quarter, the Dulles Technology Corridor and Capitol Hill. We Work Washington!

GLOBALLY COMPETITIVE By leveraging our deeply connected work of the inner-workings of Washington, we deliver experience and expertise to nearly every business sector and vertical imaginable. We have engaged nearly every "letter agency" and advanced the technology considerations for both public and private sector.


Global Headquarters in Washington, DC — The Epicenter of US Government and Enterprise Policy

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Planting a technology tap root in the world of government, law and intellectual institutes of policy is sound strategy given the advancement of open government and as global market forces centrifuge these entities ever more tightly.

As strategic advisors, it proves beneficial having immediate access to the brightest scholars, highly seasoned and advanced legal counsel and the very latest in government policy. By consulting in these areas, we maintain acute knowledge of the primary, essential market drivers impacting business. Our base in Washington is therefore strategic, providing a salubrious mix of technology, business, universities, research, open initiatives and proximity to the federal government, maintaining stability under all economic conditions. The region is a fully mature, yet evolving blend of establishment, wiring and infrastructure highly advanced to meet increasing worldwide demand for innovative solutions.

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Our Washington headquarters at the foot of the US Capitol is a unique combination of proximity to the federal government and a world-class technology workforce that serves both private and public-sector technology users. 

We position your business for global competitive advantage, mapped for tomorrow and deployed for today.

The Dulles technology corridor within the region (commonly referenced to as "Net Plex") is of legendary status in the history of the Internet: claiming many of the original Internet pioneers, the Internet was invented and backboned here, positioning the region as the most wired of any in the United States with the highest available bandwidth. It is home to the Internet Society, previously contained the mainframe that houses the master list of all Internet domain names and is trafficked by more than half of all global traffic on the Internet. Further, the region is a globally strategic Cybersecurity hub, headquarters to 12 of the Fortune 500 companies and is the chosen home to more telecom and satellite companies than any other location in the world. The Dulles Corridor is an international leader in research, technology and development oriented companies.

The sphere of technology policy influence is within and around Washington, DC. CONSULTED effectively positioned its own footprint around the confluences of Technology, Infrastructure and Legislative Policy. The CONSULTED advantage is therefore your business advantage. 


Technology Lobbying by Technologists

We deliver the premier technology lobbying services because technology is our literal organizational dna. We are are at the forefront, and therefore are the front-runners, of global technology policy issues.



Security leadership is a major stakeholder in developing legal frameworks and regulatory requirements, from the earliest stages. 

Data Governance & Privacy 

US and Global data privacy issues are challenged by technology and imperative realities for Government, Enterprise and the Public.

Emergent Technologies

Technology StartUps with innovative-to-transformative technologies require astute strategy, direct policy influence and federal agency access. 

Financial Technology

A highly volatile and emergent area of global policy affects Cryptocurrencies and Distributed Ledger technologies (Blockchain, Hashgraph)


Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, Internet & Cloud technology policy continues to drive global competitive advantage.



Industry regulation and requirement go from the well-established to the evolving for telecommunications. 


Tech Lobbying by True Technologists

Put your technology policy considerations into the hands of True Technologists. Globally Positioned, Responsive & Competitive!




Washington DC, US


Multiple Speakers

Examining Regulatory Frameworks for Digital Currencies and Blockchain

THE COMMITTEE ON BANKING, HOUSING, AND URBAN AFFAIRS will meet in OPEN SESSION to conduct this hearing. The witnesses will be: Mr. Jeremy Allaire, Co-Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Circle, on behalf of The Blockchain Association; Dr. Rebecca M. Nelson, Specialist in International Trade and Finance, Congressional Research Service; and Professor Mehrsa Baradaran, Professor of Law, University of California, Irvine School of Law.

We Work Washington

Our Capitol Hill Presence & Position is Proven

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