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Your Business Data is on the Move. Mobilize Your Workforce!


Compliant, Secure and Scalable Mobile Workforce Architectures

Designing Differently

CONSULTED is designing for a new world of work, empowering knowledge-workers as decision-makers within secure and compliant, yet highly mobile and collaborative cloud solutions.

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Seamless Integration

Mergeable solutions into existing business architecture, systems, applications and devices.


Secure & Compliant

Data Governance, Risk Management, Compliance and Security are "baked-in" to all services and solutions.

Workforce Empowerment

Workforce Empowerment by engineering mission-critical business information as universally available. 

Workforce Automation

Repetitive task redundancy and automation of business-critical operational data.


Cloud & Mobile First 

Mobile endpoint solutions built into our design philosophy of Open, Automated, Integrated, Cloud-First & Secure.


Enhanced Efficiency

Reduced operating costs are direct extension of mobilized systems of information. Efficient & Effective!

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Building Better Business

A mobilized business is benefited by all: your Organization, your Workforce and your Client: 


Frictionless Ease of Use

Intuitive simplicity is imperative in both adoption and usage of mobile technology. Users need effortless access and interaction with business systems and information.

Collaborative Engagement

Central to the benefits of mobile, knowledge-sharing and real-time interaction are critical markers to competitive advantage.


Customizable Adaptions

Design implementation focused, customizable and adaptable from ever-changing to specific business operational needs and requirements.

Mobilize Your Members


Mobile is Mandatory

Modernized Innovation-Workers are technologically proficient, demanding and expecting the most advanced systems, applications and devices to perform the high-level tasks required, and aspired.                                                     


People as Platform

Empowering your most important business asset, your People, is evermore critical to competitive advantage, organizational growth and success. 


Creativity Retention

The facts are indisputable: person's provided with the leading technology tools and the flexibility to use them, are more productive, more engaged and more loyal!

Increase Productivity

Universal access to mission-critical business information empowers your people in making more innovative, productive, real-time business decisions. 



CONSULTED is Meant for Mobile: Solutions, Systems, Platforms, Applications and Devices designed around, and implemented for, a highly mobilized and collaborative workforce. GET CONSULTED!

Mobilizing the Modern Workforce

The Mobile, Social Workforce has arrived, derived more from mobile worker's behavioural lifestyle than by remote access technology. 

As more Smartphones, Tablets and IoT devices become the literal, functional tools of the trade displacing PCs worldwide, the future of workforce mobility belongs to those who will use the Web to log their hours when they want, how they want, and, most importantly, where they want.

Secured, Mobilized Workforces

With the proliferation of mobile technology, professionals and individuals can now work and manage personal information from home, on the road, or elsewhere. Never before in modern times has the individual had so much autonomy over their information and work days; approximately 1.3 billion persons are already untethered from their desks. 

That’s liberating for today’s workforce but quite challenging for organizations who now must keep a distributed workforce motivated, productive and satisfied with Secure, Succinct and Sustainable solutions. Work is no longer a place people go, it is something they simply do. Organizations must shift their emphasis from location dependency to engagement, flexibility, and consistency to adequately address the challenges of today’s mobile economy.

The Power of Now

Advantaged by current and advancing Web-based technologies there is a new world of work, one that is highly collaborative, agile, mobile, and productive. Freedom from infrastructure and location enhances freedom of thought, affording a power of now, lowering operating expense, increasing efficiencies and productivity while driving global competitiveness.

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