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BUILDING IT: CONSULTED Co-Develops Open Source Virtualization Lab



Öppet Labb Developed as Dedicated Open Source Virtualization Lab


esting can be troublesome.  With current IT requirements for Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Test Execution, making the necessary test configurations available in test labs at the scheduled as well as unscheduled times from a CI server has made it even more challenging to optimize test lab usage. Coupled with increasing necessity for dedicated resources towards our commitment to Open Source and cloud-based virtualization architectures, CONSULTED and its clients needed something unique, evolving and mobile.

To faciliate ongoing research, development and testing we have architected ÖPPET LABBan Open Source, cloud-based automated test execution platform. While a virtualized testing lab in and of itself isn't anything new, Öppet Labb ("Open Lab") is being designed differently to address open source specific, cloud-native applications and services that are driving infrastructure modernization.

ÖPPET LABB: A Dedicated Open Source & Cloud Architecture Testing Laboratory

Built for High Availability and Resiliency to perform faster than other cloud environments and at a lower cost, Öppet Labb is simply a dedicated extension of the DIGITALABS model towards service virtualization and of CONSULTED's commitment towards "Building IT" - infrastructure modernization for the changing nature of IT.  Lab automation is a key ingredient, providing a path to continuous deployment: an ability to adequately test products to ensure quality, simultaneously meeting fast open source cloud virtualization labtime to market requirements while also controlling or reducing the cost of testing infrastructure.

John Wooten, ConsultED's Founder and prime motivator for the new lab, explains:

"Clients suffer from increasingly complex ecosystems of interdependent and tightly coupled applications. The more chaotic the ecosystem, the more difficult it got to test new and updated applications. Further, companies with accelerated growth or within mergers and acquistions are forcing IT to integrate new systems.  For believable tests, they (tests) must be independent, well thought out and repeatable."

Automated, Repeatable Virtualized Environments for Testing

The convergence of market requirements and CONSULTED's own research and development needs around our growing open source efforts, both of which need to achieve massive scalability while also capable of mobilization has presented a daunting task.  Wooten loved the opportunity to develop something difficult to achieve.

"Daunting is what we do.  Yet, it needn't necessarily be all rocket science, either.  Fnding out what is normal to each environment is critical - of course part of what is normal will be latency of network, storage, etc. So this implies our test labs should mimic production labs exactly as hardware makes a difference, where your data moves around the environment makes a difference. The key is repeatability so if we can repeat our process and recreate our environment (which includes hardware and how the data moves around that environment) we can provide beneficial and believable results."




ÖPPET LABB provides several advantages:

automated, re-usable virtualization environments;

built for extremely High Availability and Resiliency;

affords Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Test Execution;

Service Simulation modeling for beneficial, believable results;

an Open Community of Programmers & Developers. 


ÖPPET LABB is currently developing two independent teams and virtualized architectures:

åpen LAB: a dedicated Open Source testing laboratory.

qhib LAB: a dedicated Cloud Virtualization & OpenStack testing laboratory.

What comes before all the hardware and technology, however, is a "hive-mind" approach from an Open Community.  Öppet Labb will uniquely design and develop from an entirely global, cross-industry open community of Programmers and Developers; from within from DIGITALABS' own analysts as well as an external consortium of global experts and advisors. Going beyond the Technology, it is just as much about the people that know the technology, and know what to do with them.

While the usual suspects of OpenStack, OpenShift, Docker, HadoopMongoDB, SaltStack, the Open Compute Project and other Open Source technologies predominate conceptually, there intends no exclusion on proprietary elements as well. Summarizes Wooten: "There is no secret to this sauce; it's meant to be open, and it's always being cooked. Eventually, we see this being a very real turn-key solution for the market to enable continuous innovation, development and delivery of service."

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