Cloud Economics: No-Brainer 101


Was thinking out loud with a colleague today not only about cloud business benefits but its inevitability in involving your data, and wanted to jot just a few down:

  • Flexibility to control technology environments and operation costs to match fluctuations in demand
  • Reduction in costs by eliminating the need to own infrastructures or software licenses
  • Faster implementation time of development and test environments, application and Web hosting and backup
  • Access to distributed information and advanced analytics solutions via cloud-based applications

Who doesn't want this?! Security concerns remain the main point of resistance we encounter, yet those making this argument seldom realize how much of their data is already in the Cloud, typically in environments with significantly better security and compliance measures exacted than data remaining behind their own corporate firewall.  A smarter approach versus resistance is taking better control and exacting better measures of where your data resides in cloud environments, how it is accessed and who has access to it. Demand stringent SLA's from your providers that you involve and engage with them in authoring to your satisfaction.

With mobile devices and cloud SaaS models offering superior advantages, it is best to pursue ways to better track where your data resides as opposed to trying to limit where it is.

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