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esigning for tomorrow's data requirements requires sophisticated planning and assessment, TODAY - adaptable solutions for effective change drive today's technological efficiencies.  There is inherently a wealth of knowledge and meaning in our digital assets; data about data is essentially critical to modern life.  Within our business and personal digital assets are the clues, keys, and mechanisms to our overall success and safety.  Statistical analysis of that data, and the systems that support it, requires succinct meaning as well.  With the correct technologies, manipulating that knowledge is now possible, and maneuvering the manipulation into meaning is crucial to overall success.


Technology today is an inherent, integral and imperative part of our lives: whether for Enterprise, Government, Residence or Personal decision-makers must become precision-stakers for ultimate success, and survival.  CONSULTED relies exclusively on DIGITALABS, a Technology company for digitalabsTechnologists.  Providing advanced Technology Analysis & Analytics, DIGITALABS delivers a highly evolving array of Solutions and Services; proprietary data and applications anaylsis is conducted in a highly secure, private Cloud powered by business partnerships with Rackspace, Red Hat, Canonical, OpenStack, Xeround, GoodData and TableauDIGITALABS provides advanced solutions meant for change: to effectuate change as well as to adapt to it.  Their brag is that their solutions are not final, but instead are evolving, just like your business and personal digital assets.  Beyond numbers, DIGITALABS commits to clients Accuracy, Clarity and Insight into the Technologies necessary to securely, efficiently manage all digital assets.

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