Enterprise Malaise & Fighting the War of Attrition


Received notification from an industry colleague today of yet another employee casualty at their Firm, continuing a harrowing trend within their organization of losing employee enterprise malaise employee for hireafter employee (to the point of barely being able to replace departing ones fast enough in advance of more departures with each new hire).  A terrible loss of talent has become their repeating decimal, as time and again quality knowledge workers, frustrated over lack of organizational cohesiveness, substandard information systems, applications and collaboration/productivity tools coupled with an absence of a managerial willingness to address the issues (and/or even worse, failing to even recognize that they exist), has led to a constant "exit, stage left".  Infecting all roles and functions, the loss of life continues in a pattern stretching now over the last several years...

No Strategic Planning and No Productivity Tools?

Having engaged and interacted with their organizational culture in business for quite some time, it struck me as to the core sourcing and root of their attrition problems, prompting the following to them as to their "systemic epidemic":

No Management? NO PLAN. 

No Plan? NO TOOLS. 


No Productivity? NO MOTIVATION. 

No Motivation? NO LOVE. 


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