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ecently, I've been putting ESET Antivirus Business Edition for Linux Desktop on Ubuntu laptops. eset business desktop linux rhel yumWith unified management from the ESET Remote Administrator (ERA) and as a cross-platform security antivirus, I certainly wanted to get this done on Red Hat, stat.  ESET seems to be investing heavily in linux security; after comparing quite a few open source linux antivirus applications, ESET (while proprietary) cemented itself as legitimately forefronting the uptick in advanced linux security softwares.  For purposes here, we are using an Alienware M11x laptop running 64-bit RHEL 6.5.

# yum update eset

INSTALLING ESET ANTIVIRUS (Business Edition for Linux Desktop)

Having previously installed a Free Trial Version of ESET Home Desktop for Linux on this Red Hat machine, I will need to perform an uninstall first.  You can obviously run Terminal here, but I'd like to see how ESET's Uninstaller handles itself.   

  From »Applications »System Tools locate and execute the "ESET NOD32 Antivirus Uninstaller".

 eset business desktop linux rhel uninstallmenu

As discussed in a prior post, the root password is required for ESET to Install/Uninstall: 

eset business desktop linux rhel runasroot

 Run through the uninstaller with your options (if any other than default) until done; a system restart will be needed now so get yourself rebooted:

eset business desktop linux rhel systemrestart

For the ESET Antivirus Business Edition for Linux software we now want to install, you will first need a Username/Password from ESET to secure the download and rip an install:

eset business desktop linux rhel access

Post obligatory sign up/info forms, ESET will send you a Username and Password via email with your license files/keys - I went ahead and purchased a minimum 5 user license, but you can certainly opt for the Free Business Trial instead.

In the interest of time and clarity, all you really need to do here is follow the download and installation KB ESET has provided.  Installation is as easy as it gets, aside from a minor issue with SELinux, described separately below.

With your newly received credentials and license files, simply download the ESETsoftware correctly to match your architecture and follow the installation guide; for me this will be 64-bit: 

NOTE: I was missing a library - yum install glibc.i686; keep an eye out for additional libraries that your system may require.

Post-installation and restart you should be all set, with ESET!  

eset business desktop linux rhel installationscan


SELinux is an enhanced security implementation that allows system admins to define how applications and users can access different resources such as files, devices, networks and inter-process communication. As with ESET, some installers and programs will require root access to execute; as you should have encountered, this will cause a conflict and an unsupported error ("SELinux not supported") when attempting to run the installer:

eset business desktop linux rhel selinux

The ESET KB Installation Guide takes the position of disabling SELinux.  I'm still exploring the security advantages of SELinux and prefer to have this functionality "always on", so for the time being I utilize SELinux Management to temporarily allow for Permissive mode.

 Interestingly, take note on the Permissions tab of an option for "SELinux Context" while changing the installer's file permissions, as shown in the ESET KB installation instructions article.   "Not knowing, I hesitate to answer" is an applicable old saying here: not knowing what these values mean, or repurcussions for changing them, I left this item at its default "User data" setting.

 eset business desktop linux rhel properties

 REFERENCE: For ways to manage SELinux in RHEL, please see "How To Manage SELinux in RHEL"


eset business desktop linux rhel yellowdogThe ESET Remote Administrator (ERA) is but one of the reasons I chose ESET for linux antivirus protection; a singular console to remotely install and administer antivirus software across my entire network was highly appealing over other open source and proprietary linux antivirus offerings I looked into.  No network, and all of the devices the comprise it, is completely immune to digital threats; appropriately protecting your linux devices, systems and networks is essential.  This post serves for your reference as one method for installing ESET NOD32 Antivirus Business Edition for Linux Desktop, in RHEL. I will absolutely post back similar once I've installed the ESET Remote Administrator#yumyumyellowdog

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SYSCONFIG: the as-is testing enviro system configuration at the time of this article =

HARDWARE: Alienware M11x [Memory: 8GB RAM; Processer: Intel® Core™ i7 Quadcore CPU U640 @ 1.200GHz × 4; SSD: Samsung 840 Pro 250GB]

SOFTWARE: Operating System [RHEL Desktop 6.5-x86_64 (Santiago)]

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