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Firing Up Filezilla FTP in Ubuntu

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hanks to a quick search within Ubuntu Software Center, you can easily and safely install some other "stock & standard" applications I always like to employ. For FTP purposes, an obvious open source choice and a long-time industry standard is FileZilla. It remains one of the better full-featured, cross-platform ftp clients with an extremely comfortable GUI. that's right, it's #sumosudo

sudo apt-get update filezilla


FileZilla is readily available as one of the featured and most popular downloads in the Ubuntu Software Center.  Go ahead; get it installed.

 ubuntu filezilla installed

Making An FTP Connection

Just in case you don't know how to do this, once installed just open and access FileZilla's easy Site Manager where you'll want to set your permanent connections. I will assume the screenshot below is sufficient to get anyone through adding a New Site and setting your params (Port is typically 21; check your Firewall settings if you have any issues).

ubuntu filezilla ftp

Wherefore Art Thou, ExpanDrive?

ubuntu filezilla robotWhat I'm really-really-really looking forward to, is the eventual (albeit already overdue) release of the linux version of ExpanDrive. A "mid-2014" notice for release of Version 4 is still showing on ExpanDrive's Website, etc. - this tool still isn't linux-available as far as I can tell, but when it is? INSTALL IT! I'll take tools to enhance productivity over a minimal amount of cost every day (and even if this were freeware, shouldn't we all be giving back to the developers in donation for its use anyway?!).  For cloud-based work, ExpanDrive is seriously indispensible and one of my favorite tools, by far. Here's hoping this will be available for linux soon.  Yes, and Please. #sumosudo

 ExpanDrive is the fastest way to upload and manage files in the Cloud, and is continually adding new cloud storage providers:

ubuntu filezilla expandrive

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SOFTWARE: Operating System [Ubuntu Desktop 14.04 LTS 64-bit]

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