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Upgrade to ESET Business Desktop Antivirus in Ubuntu Linux

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fter recently installing ESET Antivirus for Linux in the home desktop flavor, I wanted to make use of ESET's Remote Administrator available in their Linux Business Desktop edition to better manage network security from a single location.  Cross-platform security with unified management sounds really good to me.  Delving into the ERA (ESET Remote Administrator) is going to call for its own separate blog post(s), however; here we are just doing a straight install of the Linux Business Desktop Edition of the antivirus onto one machine.  A rather old Alienware m9750 running 64bit Ubuntu 14.04 Desktop is what we're working with to try this out, so here goes some #sumosudo

sudo apt-get update eset


To upgrade to the Business Desktop Edition, we will first need to uninstall the pre-existing ESET Home Desktop.  If you are coming into this without an existing ESET installation, just take this jumper to the "section" for a fresh install. 

 Locate ESET via the Unity Dash, and execute the "ESET NOD32 Antivirus Uninstaller".

 upgrade eset business linux desktop uninstall

As discussed in a prior post, the root password is required for ESET to Install/Uninstall, something we don't normally want to do in Ubuntu - I purposefully left my root password enabled from before so nothing to do here but enter it.  

upgrade eset business linux desktop root

Please reference "sudo apt-get update eset home desktop" if you are needing to set a root password.

Run through the uninstaller with your options (if any other than default) until done; a system restart will be needed now so get yourself rebooted.

upgrade eset business linux desktop restart

For the ESET Antivirus Business Edition for Linux software we want to upgrade to, you are first going to need a Username/Password from ESET to secure the download and rip an install.

upgrade eset business linux desktop access

Post obligatory sign up/info forms, ESET will send you a Username and Password via email with your license files/keys - I went ahead and purchased a minimum 5 user license, but you can certainly opt for the Free Business Trial instead.

From here, this is essentially a repeat of the steps from my prior blog post, "sudo apt-get update eset home desktop". 

In the interest of time and clarity, all you really need to do here is follow the download and installation KB ESET has provided.  With your newly received credentials and license files, download the ESET software correctly to match your architecture and follow the installation guide; for me this will be 64-bit: http://download.eset.com/download/unix/eavbe/ueavbe.x86_64.en.linux  

 Interestingly, I note on the Permissions tab an option for "SELinux Context", as shown in the above kb article.  SELinux isn't an issue for Ubuntu-based installs; Debian packaged Linux kernels have SELinux support compiled in, but disabled by default.  This did not appear during my Properties change as I'm in Debian/Ubuntu here; if you are interested in this item please reference "yumyum yellowdog update selinux" for enhanced details of SELinux.  

Post-installation and restart you should be all set, with ESET!  

upgrade eset business linux desktop installed

 Optional, but I typically like to ensure newly installed applications that weren't handled through Software Center are showing correctly from within the Dash.  From the Unity interface quick launch bar, Search the Dash Applications for ESET just to make sure it is there:

upgrade eset business linux desktop verify

ESETAntivirus Business Edition for Linux Desktop prevents malware through detection of multi-platform threats, regardless of what system is being targeted - Windows®, Linux or Mac® OS. Now that's some #sumosudo! Lend me your thoughts on this approach, as well as functional alternatives.


upgrade eset business linux desktop robotAccording to ESET, both the Home Desktop and Business Desktop for Linux distros are exactly the same antivirus offering.  The differentiator is in the ESET Remote Administrator that you get with the Business Edition for Desktop Linux.  The ERA is one of the reasons I chose ESET for linux antivirus protection; a singular console to remotely install and administer antivirus software across my entire network was highly appealing over other open source and proprietary linux antivirus offerings I looked into.  No network, and all of the devices the comprise it, is completely immune to digital threats; appropriately protecting your linux devices, systems and networks is essential.  This post serves for your reference as one method for installing ESET NOD32 Antivirus Business Edition for Linux Desktop, in Ubuntu. I will absolutely post back similar once I've installed the ESET Remote Administrator#sumosudo

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SYSCONFIG: the as-is testing enviro system configuration at the time of this article =

HARDWARE: Alienware Area-51 M9750 [Memory: 4GB RAM; Processer: Intel® Core™2 CPU T7200 @ 2.00GHz × 2; Graphics: Gallium 0.4 on NV49; SSD: Samsung 840 Evo 120GB; HDD: Western Digital Blue 500GB]

SOFTWARE: Operating System [Ubuntu Desktop 14.04 LTS 64-bit]; Antivirus [ESET NOD32 Business Desktop Antivirus]

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