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Upgrades, Updates and Enhancements to RHEL



We will soon begin running a blog series intended as updates and upgrades to Red Hat Enterprise Linux!

yumyum yellowdog: update RHEL

Yellowdog Updater, Modified

The Yellowdog Updater, Modified (yum) serves RPM-based linux distributions like RHEL as an open-source command-line package utility for package and dependency management and automatic updates. It automatically calculates dependencies and determines what actions should occur to install yumyum yellowdog yum logopackages; with graphic user interfaces available, yum comes with several options to search, install and remove packages on a system.  These features make yum a powerful package manager, and the ability to retrieve and update package from remote locations make it a perfect solution for most environments.  Catering to the end-users, cloud architects and IT administrators use of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, our newest blog series yumyum yellowdog attempts to openly inform and engage the linux open source community: Enhance and Advance! 

Linux is at the foundation of modern computing, currently powering 94% of the world’s supercomputers, the majority of servers powering the Internet, most of the global financial transactions and a billion Android devices. Linux, literally, is everywhere. It is implemented in many different architectures, from mainframes to server to desktop to mobile and on a staggeringly wide variety of hardware.

Red Hat Enterprise LinuxRed Hat Enterprise Linux is the world's leading open source application, confidently deployed as a desktop, a mission critical application platform or as the foundation for an IT infrastructure leveraging virtualization for effective hardware utilization and manageability. The RHEL platform is a fundamental component of our organization; we'd like to share with others our use and experiences with it: ideas, thoughts and opinion to extend our own notions here are welcome and appreciated!

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)

Red Hat Enterprise Linux serves as significant provider to current cloud computing.  A large percentage of global Cloud development and deployment yumyum yellowdog rhel logois built upon RHEL; Red Hat is also a major contributer to the at-large OpenStack Foundation & Community.  RHEL's advanced and robust foundation is derived from the collaboration of the open source community, industry partners and Red Hat. The result is a reliable platform and a trusted partner in Red Hat that is uniquely focused on the current and future needs of the enterprise. Red Hat Enterprise Linux is versatile, flexible and manageable. It may be deployed directly on a system, as a guest on the major virtualization platforms or as a virtualization host.

RHEL remains both a stable and increasingly innovative operating system for designing modern technology architectures, particularly for both Cloud and Desktop.  Red Hat Enterprise Linux is at the forefront of large cloud infrastructure deployments, and is optimized and certified for the most popular public clouds.  That is undeniably exciting, and we'd like to share our excitement with you in this series: yumyum yellowdog: update

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* Intended for Mature Audiences

It shouldn't be necessary, but just a reminder to fully embrace the information and each other in discussion within the full spirit of "open" and "community".  yumyum yellowdog update RHEL will make every attempt to address an open range of topics, from the novice to intermediate to mastery level.  Systems differentiate options and results: what we provide here as working knowledge should be taken and understood as working in our own environment, on our systems and hardware.  Results may vary (depending), as that saying goes.  Please use for your own purposes at your own risk if and only if after having performed your own due diligence for your own needs and requirements.  That's a lot of forewarning for an intended help and how-to information series, but we want both our information and any application of it to be meaningful with purely positive results.  Our hope and purpose in this execution is only to extend useful, applicable and extensible technology solutions for Red Hat Enterpise Linux - enjoy!!!

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