Xeround: A Ridiculously Simple, Seriously Powerful Cloud Database



ith the popularity and rise of cloud-based services, database scalability issues become more apparent. At CONSULTED, we are deploying Xeround with its elastic, always-on database-as-a-service for our MySQL applications; as a Product and as a Company Xeround has plenty going for it to ensure this alliance will last us for the forseeable future.



Xeround's vision is to enable truly scalable and elastic cloud computing infrastructures by providing a missing piece - elastic data management within a cloud and data federation between clouds.  Xeround has secured and invested substantially in their underlying technology, driving their service xeroundwith Xeround's patented Intelligent Data Grid (IDG); this has several years of solid development now and is successfully deployed by multiple telecommunication company heavyweights.  This live, scalable Intelligent Data Grid is a cloud computing database with true data virtualization capabilities. With Xeround's offerings, applications no longer need to know where data resides or if it is being managed with relational, hierarchical or object models. Now, applications get access to data in whatever format is needed -- wherever it's needed.


As Xeround's leadership and development teams are veterans of the telecom industry, they know exactly the kinds of issues communications service providers face when it comes to managing subscriber-centric data.  Xeround's virtualization capabilities can greatly simplify how communications service providers approach data and subscriber management.  Xeround therefore enables any SaaS provider to use a fully scalable and truly elastic database as part of its solution. Further, IaaS and PaaS providers can take advantage of Xeround and complement their existing offering.  This changes the paradigm of how to leverage today's infrastructure for tomorrow's business needs by exposing a service provider's pertinent data across many different infrastructures.  Xeround's heavy investment in research and development has paid off in a solution that is non-disruptive and offers a repeatable method allowing for quicker implementations with lower cost.

Xeround is poised for significant growth and implementation; we see tremendous opportunities and high application potential for Xeround.

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