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CONSULTED: Reshaping Competitive Innovation & Challenging Traditional Business Models


e deliver today's best-in-technology-solutions ("bits") by mapping for tomorrow, designing to grow business revenue, increase profits and operate in competitively efficient and sustainable ways. Great pride is taken in bringing our clients "the power of now" within global alliances and readiness whose collaborative, open and flexible approach embodies our own native thinking; the combined experience, technology and knowledge capital of our people and strategic alliances action a decided, global competitive advantage. Our innovative work with industry leaders and locations affords best practice knowledge melded into our innovative strategies and solutions. With over 25 years proven industry experience and results, no other strategists or solutions provider is as poised or as well-positioned as CONSULTED. We don't simply outsmart the competition; we ARE the competition.

CONSULTED is the agility of smart, providing the most uniquely advanced and intuitively devised strategies and solutions available:

CLOUD COMPUTING Edge/Fog Computing, Open Converged Infrastructure, OpenStack™, Serverless, Virtualization

CONTAINER TECHNOLOGIES Docker, Kubernetes, Mesos, OpenShift™, OpenVZ

OPEN SOURCE Community Building, Hardware, Infrastructure, Licensing, Linux, Networks, Software

DISTRIBUTED LEDGERS Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Hashgraph, HyperLedger

CYBERSECURITY Compliance, Encryption, Governance, Risk

HIGH PERFORMANCE SUPER COMPUTING Artificial Intelligence (AI), Analytics, Big Data, Business Intelligence (BI), Machine Learning, Multi-Media Production, Simulations




iberated thinking is a part of the collective CONSULTED DNA - embodied by our Cloud Solutions Architects and leveraged within our Company. Our thinking is admittedly different, and by design: a people-centric approach to innovation that integrates what is necessary for business success to the direct needs of the knowledge-cloud consulting visionworker. Rapidly adaptive technologies, workplaces and markets are affording new and heretofore unachievable levels of efficiency, productivity and performance. Our vision is enabling every person in the organization direct, immediate access to collaborative tools, knowledge and resources to solve any perplexing mix of today's vast array of business challenges. We achieve our vision by moving beyond experience with tried and true methodologies to develop innovative approaches often overlooked by traditional problem-solving practices. This vision relies on our intuition, on our ability to recognize trends and provide measurable results and in constructing ideas that have healthy emotional values as well as functional, profitable ones. Within our Vision, the "I's have it": Innovation, Ideation and Implementation. Innovation as the engine driving our motivation and search for required solutions. Ideation as the process of generating, developing, and testing those solutions. Implementation as the path that leads ideas to an actionable reality and business success, empowering the entirety of the organization.



perating from the perspective of mapping today for necessities tomorrow, CONSULTED employs a unique mix of the rational with technological in providing our clients not only the vision of how new or existing operations can look in the future, but the constructive paths for actually getting there. Great ideas stem from challenging the status quo with innovative thinking, but ideas are simply the beginning. Capitalizing on great ideas demands leadership, a cloud consulting pathcareful and intuitive eye and practiced hands-on management of deployed assets. As has often been stated, "culture eats strategy for breakfast" - CONSULTED recognizes that strategy itself will not consequence in desired directions. Resultantly, we thoroughly engage as an extension of your business, working with and for all members of the organization to ensure success. We are as rigorously analytical about carrying out a strategy as we are in developing it in the first place. With decision rights and flow of information having greater impact on the success of a given strategy, we address these issues first prior to structural changes. We provide organizational leaders the vital assets and resources to turn a valuable idea into action, and profit. All of CONSULTED's work is done in consideration of the capabilities of our clients and the needs of their people and their customers; the totality of your business is taken into full account. As we iterate toward a final solution, we evaluate and re-evaluate our designs, providing measurable analysis within targeted benchmarks. The CONSULTED path delivers appropriate, actionable, and tangible strategies. The result? New, innovative avenues for growth that are grounded in business viability and market desirability that enhance and empower a new world of work, for each individual and every organization.



lobally Positioned, Globally Responsive, Globally Competitive.  CONSULTED is committed to making businesses more efficient, sustainable and profitable today and into the future. Our unique heritage, intellectual capital and world-class alliances ensure that CONSULTED continues to serve business and government of every size and across all industries. We deliver technology research, strategy and solutions to global business leaders to make informed decisions on key initiatives. With an advanced HyperResponse Management (HRM) delivery platform, we can share knowledge and efficiently manage projects across our global delivery network. This affords our Partners the most cost-effective and comprehensive, end-to-end, advanced solutions available against the complexities of today's market and the challenges of tomorrow's. As and when required, we can access the specialized skills of our deep talent pool from anywhere in the world, to solve any problem, through HRM. Enhanced project collaboration tools and our well-codified, organizational-wide processes assure consistent, well-planned, measurable and reliable delivery from any and all locations. A CONSULTED result is consistent; designing with our Partners we create optimal working relationships that unite business objectives, organizational culture and budgetary requirements. Our Cloud Solutions Architects average nearly two decades of experience leading integrated business teams, where combining operational efficiency, technology and intuitive people structures forged the best practices that form the underlying premise of our innovative solutions. Bringing these proven experiences, technologies and innovative operational thinking to broader industry application was central to the formation of CONSULTED. The CONSULTED advantage is enhanced competitive positioning with elite strategists committed to 1st in Service. 1st in Solutions. 1st in Satisfaction.

Global Headquarters in Washington, DC — The Epicenter of US Government and Enterprise Policy

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With global headquarters in Washington, DC, CONSULTED is strategically positioned for domestic and global business changes. Our proximity to the U.S. Capital, Dulles Technology corridor, transportation hubs, world-class international universities and think-tanks helps us provide sophisticated systems and solutions to customers anywhere in the world.

Planting a technology tap root in the world of government, law and intellectual institutes of policy is sound strategy given the advancement of open government and as global market forces centrifuge these entities ever more tightly. As strategic advisors, it proves beneficial having immediate access to the brightest scholars, highly seasoned and advanced legal counsel and the very latest in government policy. By consulting in these areas, we maintain acute knowledge of the primary, essential market drivers impacting business. Our base in Washington is therefore strategic, providing a salubrious mix of technology, business, universities, research, open initiatives and proximity to the federal government, maintaining stability under all economic conditions. The region is a fully mature, yet evolving blend of establishment, wiring and infrastructure highly advanced to meet increasing worldwide demand for innovative solutions.

The Dulles technology corridor within the region (commonly referenced to as "Net Plex") is of legendary status in the history of the Internet: claiming many of the original Internet pioneers, the Internet was invented and backboned here, positioning the region as the most wired of any in the United States with the highest available bandwidth. It is home to the Internet Society, previously contained the mainframe that houses the master list of all Internet domain names and is trafficked by more than half of all global traffic on the Internet. Further, the region is a globally strategic Cybersecurity hub, headquarters to 12 of the Fortune 500 companies and is the chosen home to more telecom and satellite companies than any other location in the world. The Dulles Corridor is an international leader in research, technology and development oriented companies.

Our Washington headquarters at the foot of the US Capitol is a unique combination of proximity to the federal government and a world-class technology workforce that serves both private- and public-sector technology users. Let us utilize our cloud, business-process and strategic consulting to position your business for global competitive advantage, mapped for tomorrow and deployed for today.



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