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e are confident in our competency, as individuals and as a company.  Our Cloud Solutions Architects are highly intuitive innovators with impeccable cloud computing pedigree. As business strategists striving for perfection within a passion to compete, a commitment to excellence and dedication to success, CONSULTED brings our clients directly to world-class innovation, experience and expertise.

Our Company is engined by these solutions architects and their obsession with innovation and incessant pursuit of measurable results, propelled by the most advanced and advancing technologies available for business.  CONSULTED believes that an organization's achievements are the direct result of the combined efforts of every employee working toward common goals. The success of our business model prides itself in empowering our people and creating an intellectually liberating and flexible team culture. As a company we strive for open, innovative, transparent, responsible and results-oriented strategies and solutions; we believe in operating second to none for the benefit of our clients through our People, Perspective, Policy, Procedure and Performance.




eadership by example through Innovation, Design and ImplementationCONSULTED's Executive Management team is highly reputable for its ability to maximize operations within a global, decentralized and entrepreneurial culture.  Our ultimate mission is simple:

CONSULTED  's management team paces the innovation charge by understanding it is a constant work in progress, persistently improving their own discovery skills, and sharpening our ability to foster innovation within others. Participating widely with industry thought-leaders and governmental policy-makers, our brand of expertise is at the forefront of every business curve.  Moreover, they actively populate CONSULTED with self-motivated, discovery-driven innovators in making our thinking by design as "ways of seeing towards a way of being" that translates into tangible and sustainable innovation premiums.  For CONSULTED 's Executive Management team, "exception" is not the rule; EXCEPTIONAL IS.



he Agility of Smart.  Innovative solutions require innovative minds; our Cloud Architects are unique individuals with innate capacities for vision, innovation, strategy and execution.  CONSULTED undertakes calculated growth in expanding our global positioning, seeking not only the best and the brightest, but those kindred spirits that share in our passion for liberated thinking in BUILDING BETTER BUSINESS for our Partners. 

strategic management architectsWe are a breed apart; our Cloud Solutions Architects work the front lines of the most pressing business problems confronting industries in countries around the world. 

Uniquely. Personally. Professionally.

With Vision and Strategy to compliment our pursuit and comprehension of advancing technologies, a CONSULTED Cloud Solutions Architect is your ultimate business partner.  We are determined in achieving your success as intelligent, industrious, trustworthy, passionate, dedicated, ambitious, and entrepreneurial lifelong learners. Yet, we maintain at all times a personal and professional humility with a compassion and understanding that, like the CONSULTED team itself, there are specific and sometimes unusual circumstance that require extraordinary flexibility for our clients.  CONSULTED provides an exceptional team to achieve business success through both collective and individual solutions.  There is simply no substitute for a confident and competent team when it comes to your business-critical issues that demand experience, uniquely innovative and intuitive cloud solutions and total commitment toward the business blueprint of mapping for tomorrow, deploying for today.





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